The Boater’s Program Does This:

  1. Save you thousands of dollars!
  2. Fast-track your “boating experience” level.
  3. Connect you with other boaters.
  4. Connect you with a Marine Mechanic.
  5. Hold live streams about boating.
  6. Present workshops with tips and tricks
  7. Give you access to an information library of resources to research a problem with your boat.
  8. Guide and teach you how to find parts for your boat and engine.
  9. Access to hundreds of step-by-step DIY courses
  10. We even outline learning paths to the boating lifestyle depending on what you want and where you are! (First-time boaters or beginners, and recreational DIY hobbyists who just want to save time and money by accessing the search and browsing the material and how-tos as they need them!
  11. I forgot to mention we also have an app for your phone!
  12. And a forum
  13. And tons more information!

You’ve Found Your Way To The Perfect Place…

If you own a boat, have a friend with a boat, go out on a boat, take out your dad’s boat, or go out with your neighbor. This program has something for you! 

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How We Accomplish This:

 1. Save You thousands of dollars!

      • We teach you money-saving tricks for your boat, including performance, fuel economy, etc.
      • We teach you money-saving hacks for service, maintenance, and cleaning of your boat.
      • If you don’t want to perform the work on your own boat, we teach you how to deal with mechanics, how to find a local mechanic or dealer, and how to tell if they are a good mechanic or not, as well as how to avoid getting ripped off!
      • Learn tips and tricks on finding deals, saving money on parts, and how to make your boat and its components last longer!
      • This means more time on the water and more gas money!
Center Console Fishing

 2. Fast-track your “boating experience” level.

      • Follow guided and laid-out learning pathways specifically designed to teach you experiences we’ve learned over 12 years of professionally working in the boating industry.
      • Visually watch entertaining videos specifically designed to teach you the experiences that come with thousands of trips out on the water!
      • Shaving years of learning off of your boating career

 3. Connect you with other boaters.

      • Learn how to find local boaters and events near you with courses, forums, groups, messaging, and other techniques to connect you with other boaters.

 4. Connect you with a Marine Mechanic.

      • Connect with a real marine mechanic through messaging, weekly live streams, and forums!
      • Take courses that teach you how to find a local mechanic and how to vet them and deal with them, as well, for when you need some hands-on help! And how to interact with them to streamline your repair and keep you from getting taken advantage of!

 5. Attend live streams about boating

      • Attend or re-watch past live streams weekly that cover all aspects of boating, industry news, workshops on specific projects, questions and answering sessions, and replying to comments and questions!
      • Present workshops with tips and tricks that will help you learn more and more about your boat, the engine, and how things work!

Here is actually the welcome video that gives a good overview of what you will find inside the program and a lot of its features!

 6. Guide and teach you how to find parts for your boat and engine.

      • Attend courses that show you exactly how to find the right parts for you engine based on the engine you have.
      • Find out where to find these parts
      • As well as how to search and find deals on the parts that you need!

 7.  Access to hundreds of step-by-step DIY courses

      • We have HUNDREDS of video course that range from not getting ripped off by a mechanic, to how to re-wire your boat!
      • From electrical courses to plumbing courses
      • From Lights to Electronics
      • From Pumps to Service
      • All video Step-by-Step courses to help teach you how to fix virtually anything on your boat!

 8.  Take structured learning paths to guide you through learning paths to teach you specific skills and experiences

      • Beginners will like the “3 Years of Experience in 30 Days Challenge!” This guided learning path guides you through 110 lessons that take about 30 minutes a day for 30 days to give you about 3 years of boating experience in just 30 days!

Together, We’ll Make a GREAT Team…

Like everything else about Born-Again-Boating, we keep things simple… nothing tricky here.

Compared to the thousands of dollars you’d probably otherwise be forking over annually for boat repair “labor” costs, this approach is definitely a bargain…

Simply put, we’re offering One Year Memberships for just $299 per year!

This gives you year-round 100% access to everything we’ve created and produced which means almost anything and everything you can imagine! You’ll also have access to all new content totally free!

And we will be continually adding new membership exclusive content every single month!

COME ABOARD! You’ll like it here, knowing that, from now on, you’ll be spending more time on your boat and spending a lot less money on costly boat repairs.