Software & Technical Tools

Producing Youtube Videos and running a blog comes with many applications, software, domain names, and hosting packages. Here is a list of all the stuff that we use and are happy with in order to produce all of our content.

Namecheap Domains

We have purchased all of our domain names through namecheap. They have been super simple to deal with and extra helpful when it comes to troubleshooting any issues that you might have when routing your DNS and nameservers to your host!

Their customer service is great and if you have any issues, they use chat and get your problem resolved and fixed in minutes. We are super happy with how they have treated us and we continue to buy all of our new domain names from them.

Siteground Hosting

We use siteground hosting to host our website. We are extremely happy with them and here are just a few of the perks that we have found from using them. Site speed! We are currently running on the Growbig subscription and the speed is fantastic! We have no issues with content, images, or any other issues due to lack of space. We get to host more than one domain on this account, have email, and even commerce on our sites!

Probably the biggest thing that made us begin with them is the customer service. In the beginning we had a little trouble just figuring out our name and getting the site up and running. When we did a domain change, we called and they handled the whole thing in a matter of minutes! It was amazing. They are so great, they will set up the SSL, CDN, Cache, and tons of other features for those that aren’t so savvy in the whole website development and hosting deal!

Adobe Creative Cloud

We use Adobe Creative Cloud which contains Adobe Premier, After Effects, Media Encoder, and Audition. Which are the top main programs that we use to create, edit, and produce our YouTube Videos!