Electric Tabs

Wiring up a set of electric trim tabs is not as complicated as it might seem. Especially once you know about the wiring that goes to the system.

They are a basic, typical electrical circuit type of system, with basically power coming in, and power going to each actuator. Making them a really easy fix, addition, or item to replace on the boat.

Here are some courses that you should know before working on the trim tabs:

Troubleshooting An Electrical Circuit: https://www.bornagainboating.com/lessons/troubleshooting-an-electrical-circuit/

Electrical Basics Lessons: (Click On Electrical Basics): https://www.bornagainboating.com/course-dashboard/

Wiring Lessons: (Click On Wiring): https://www.bornagainboating.com/course-dashboard/

Where to Find Information: https://www.bornagainboating.com/lessons/finding-instruction-manuals-manufacturer-phone-numbers/

Bennett Classic Trim Tab Owner’s Manual

Bennett Trim Tab Tech Help Center

Bennett Euro Style Rocker Switch

Bennett Bolt System

LectroTab Operation & Installation Manual

Zipwake Series S Installation Manual

Zipwake Series E Installation Manual

CPPerformance Mayfair or K-Plane Trim Tab Installation Manual

Lenco Trim Tab Owner’s Manual

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