How We Got Started

Born Again Products began as a debt campaign. The campaign was reselling on eBay, whatever we could get our hands on and bringing old things back to life. We did this in an aggressive campaign to pay off all consumer debt. Credit Cards, Car Loans, Student Loans, and Personal Loans.

It wasn’t long before the debt was gone that we decided the next step was a home. Being in the Marine Industry as a Marine Technician, we are always in possession of at least one boat. We find them old, abandoned, and decrepit. Then we restore them and put them to some offshore academical testing! So while maintaining the eBay sales, we sold our former boat and purchased a home.

We remodeled the home inside and out, (paying cash for the renovations from the eBay proceeds!) Then it got to the point where we decided to turn it into a side business to use for investing. Thus, Born Again Products was born! Living on an island and being in the Marine Industry, we see a lot of “mechanics” that really “know” how to “fix” things right. We saw a need to produce How-To videos. Plus, with the adventures that we go on living in the islands, we decided to start a YouTube channel dedicated to How-To, DIY Boating, and Adventure. Thus, Born Again Boating Youtube Channel was born!

Feel free

to look around the site and check out our blog posts and of course, the why the new birth page. We are also uploading videos weekly to our Born Again Boating channel on Youtube which focuses mainly on travel, how-to, and reviews. Make sure you get subscribed to the channel so you can stay up-to-date with our travels and all the How-Tos! Thank you for taking the time to check us out!

Meet Us!

Aaron Hilligoss

Originally from Illinois, Aaron left the high taxes and cold weather, in search of teal water, warm weather, and palm trees. Making his way south from Destin Florida, to Hunter’s Creek, he finally landed down in Marathon Fl.

Monroe County (just below Dade county), is the county that everyone uses to say, “It has more boats per capita than anywhere in the US!” Whether this is true or not, this area has a ton of boats! And is the perfect place for a Marine Technician.

Having a full-time career in the Marine Industry, he graduated from UTI with a GPA of 4.0, is Yamaha 5-Star Certified, and holds an Outboard Certification for Mercury Marine. Among normal service and diagnostics in outboard engines, he specializes in the industry on Mercury Verado Engines, Yamaha Outboard engines, Digital Throttle and Shift Systems, and Joystick Piloting Outboards. He has also made time to obtain his FAA Part 107 sUAS certification for commercial drone usage! Hence, the awesome YouTube videos.

Free time consists of Fishing, Diving, Traveling, and Treasure hunting. Living in the keys, you never know what you are going to find. Running a store on eBay since 2009, adventuring and treasure hunting has always been a fun past time. Living in the Keys makes that just as interesting, never knowing what you are going to come across!

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