Most boaters have spent enough time on the water to have experienced getting fishing line wrapped around the propeller. As well some having accidentally ran over a crab or lobster trap and getting rope caught around the propeller. Then others have even gotten to experience getting their anchor line wrapped up! So, What Do You […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Boat

If you are new to boating. Probably one of the most asked questions in the beginning is: How Much Does It Cost To Own And Operate A Boat? Owning a boat will cost you in six major areas: Purchasing the boat, insuring, storing, maintaining, operating, and collecting the gear for the boat. Boat ownership costs […]

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Ethanol Fuel

A lot of boaters have sat at the fuel pump filling up their boat. Asking themselves, how much does it cost per gallon? Why is it so expensive? Why can’t I just use regular E10 Ethanol fuel in my boat? Is It Ok To Use Ethanol Gas In A Boat? Yes! You can run ethanol […]

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