Post-It Note Goals: How To Accomplish Your Daily Goals!

With the New Years Resolutioners blasting New Year, New Me! It’s not surprising that no one sticks to their goals. We all have the problem with productivity, efficiency, motivation, and focus.

Each and every one of us would like to be better in all of these categories, but how do we do that?

Post-It Note Goals: How To Accomplish Your Daily Goals! Write down your top 5 goals that you want to accomplish in one day on a sticky note. Place the sticky note on the back of your cell phone until you have completed all of the tasks on the note!

Let me explain exactly how and why this is productive. As well as how you can stay motivated in completing your goals and to-dos!

Why We Say 5 Goals

goal setting post it notesThe number of goals or to-dos that someone sets each day is extremely important when it comes to completion and motivation.

If you set too many goals than you will feel overwhelmed and buried in things to do.

If you don’t set enough than you end up wasting time and losing another extremely important day, which gets you further away from accomplishing your dreams!

So, how do you stay focused and motivated? Well, what we have found works best is sticking to a top 5 list every day.

Obviously, if you have a bigger task that requires a full day to get done, then you won’t have 5.

But at the same time getting into and building the habit of having a top 5 goal list for every day will help keep you motivated and focused to complete tasks and inch yourself closer to your ultimate goals or dreams.

The 5 goals are just a safe number that is effective for getting multiple tasks completed without overwhelming or underwhelming yourself.

It is a goal in and of itself! You are shooting to complete 5 things every day! This gives you a target to get to.

If you only complete 3 or 4 of the 5, then the remaining two will just transfer over into the next day’s list.

We think that the best habit for getting these together is to write them down the night before.

Writing them down before you go to bed will have you already set up for success the next day. We also strongly believe that it is vital to write things down!

Why it’s Important to Write Them Down

post it notes with messagesOnce you write something down, it gives you a sense of accountability. It is also good to get someone that will hold you accountable for this as well.

Having a friend or spouse to work with is a great way to share ideas and bounce goals off of each other.

If you want to complete your goals and reach your dreams, it is important to write down your goals.

Every year you should figure out what you would like to get accomplished that year. Then write those goals down to stay focused and motivated.

Writing this down and having it somewhere where you can see it regularly will help you stay on track.

Once you have your yearly goals, its time to break them down into sections.

Make lists of things (smaller goals) that would be required in order to reach those yearly (larger) goals. A yearly goal can be broken down into a monthly goal.

Then down into weekly and daily. This will take away all of the in-between stress of seeing all of the things that have to be done in order to reach that yearly goal.

If you only see your top 5 for the day. Then it’s way easier to just focus on the top 5 and knock them out each day!

There is a ton of evidence that shows how writing down your goals will make you so much more likely to complete and accomplish them.

As opposed to just thinking about them and then never writing them down.

This is most likely due to our short attention span. Most of us can think of things that we’d want to accomplish.

But within a couple of days, we would have already forgotten what that was. Most likely getting sidetracked and focused onto something newer and “more important!”

Why a Sticky Note on Your Phone is Most Effective

Unfortunately, most people think it is not a big deal if you skip this section.

In fact, out of everything we have talked about, this is probably the single most important and effective part of this entire article! That is why it is called Post-It Note Goals!

The post-it note is super important because it is in your face.

Sure you can download all the time tracking, to-do, how-to, DIY, focused, organizational, and motivational apps you want to.

The problem with that is the way we have become accustomed to using our phones.

The app is great and on the phone. But even if it gets on your home page, or even in the toolbar at the bottom of the phone.

It does no good if you don’t ever open it up! Sure we use the app for a couple of days.

Then after a week we never open it and it becomes more work than we want to deal with, so, on the back burner, it goes. Never to be used again!

With a sticky note though, it is a little different. You see, it takes only a couple of minutes before you go to bed to write down your top 5 goals on the sticky note and place it on the back of the phone.

Now the note is on the phone and if you aren’t careful, it will fall off as the day progresses.

Which is why it becomes a hassle and a problem! This is where you create a problem-solving habit!

Complete the goals that are on the note, then you can throw it away!

Until the goals are completed; the note is always in your way, touching your hand, making you conscious of not peeling it off by accident and then having it stuck in your pocket all day!

The physical contact of that note keeps it in your face and on your mind. So it becomes a daily problem for you, that helps force you to complete the tasks out of a desire to get rid of the sticky note!

Benefits of Utilizing the Sticky Note Goal System

stay motivated with post it notesThis is where for a lot of people it becomes a massive help.

If you are like me, where you can do all kinds of stuff, but you have such a short attention span that it doesn’t take much to go down the rabbit hole and not complete a task.

Then this is the system that can help you tremendously to build the goal accomplishing habits that you want to.

In order to get you to your ultimate goal and reach your dreams!

The benefits of this system are so basic that it makes it so easy. Because it is as cheap and simple as buying some Post-It Notes and a pen. Writing tomorrows goals down on the note before you go to bed.

Then you have set yourself up for tomorrow and are using a system that helps keep you on track for success.

We hope you’ll try out the Post-It Note Goals technique and that this has been a help to you in getting you on track!

Tell us what you think about the system and if you have ever done something like this in the comment section below.

Then if you do try this, we hope you will come back and tell us how it worked out. This system has helped me out for years and is surprisingly effective.

If you know someone that could use this system, help them out and share this article with them!

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Aaron Hilligoss

Aaron has been working in the Marine Industry for over a decade and holds certifications for Yamaha and Mercury Marine. It is not uncommon for him to own and be working on at least three different boats at any given point in time!

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