Why I Use a Lifeproof Case!

3 Reasons why I use Lifeproof Phone Cases.

Phone under water!

The First Reason I use Lifeproof Cases.

They work! The number one reason I use a Lifeproof case on all my phones, is that they work! You can drop your phone in the water, worry free. I have been actively using original Lifeproof cases on all my phones for the past 4 years. They have been dropped in all kinds of places. From oil filled bilges in boats, to 20 feet of saltwater at the reef. From the sandbar to the shower, when water is concerned, Lifeproof delivers.

As far as water is concerned, Lifeproof seems to hold up. In a very wet environment, I never seem to have any problems. With most phones these days coming out with some sort of waterproof attributions, the added protection of Lifeproof works twice as well. The drop protection is great as well. When you can drop an $800 phone out of your shirt pocket, 10 feet down onto gravel and it doesn’t explode. That is a great working case!

The Second Reason I use Lifeproof Cases.

Functionality. The cases are not over killed. They are sleek, and designed to serve one purpose, phone protection. Over the years, the fads and ridiculousness of phone cases have escalated to wild levels. With chains, wallets, glitter, and basically anything you could ever want a picture of, printed right onto the case. Lifeproof seems to stay away from the fads and stick to the original reason we purchase cell phone cases, for protection!

Protection is key. Phones are getting more and more expensive, and the cell phone case industry has gotten so massive and out of hand, there really isn’t much protection. Cases are now looked at as design, expression, and a flashy accessory. But when a phone costs almost a thousand dollars, why would a two dollar case be sufficient? One drop and the thing is trashed! For most people now, phones are glued to the hand and almost inseparable.  So why skip out on the protection?

The Third Reason I use Lifeproof Cases.

The last reason that I use Lifeproof to protect my phone, is for the warranty! Lifeproof has an excellent warranty program. It is super simple. As we all know, accidents happen, and things break. Nothing is made to last forever and to be honest, things are developed to be consumed. With consumption, we will always be repurchasing things to ensure companies stay in business.

With that said, the cases do have some flaws. The door which seals the power charging connector is extremely fragile. One wrong move and that thing will snap off like nobodies business! Also the little gasket that sits inside of that door eventually come unsecured and will fall out. Or after a good drop the case will no longer snap together properly.

Another thing, probably not a weakness, is that these cases do not like fuel! With a little bit of fuel, the plastic becomes brittle and breaks super easily! In actuality, these cases are probably only a $10 case. So, why would someone pay $100 dollars for it? Where is the value in that?

All in All …

The warranty! People buy new phones almost every year with a new model. So the cases fly off the shelf! Lifeproof stands behind their product and after a short phone call, they send you a brand new one, basically no questions asked! That is where the value and price point level out. If you hang on to your phone for more than one, two, or even three years. You could get the value out of the case with the protection they give your phone, also the ability they give you to replace it when needed. For me, I’m extremely hard on the equipment. Like I said earlier, I’ve dropped the phone over 10 feet onto rocks, sunk it 20 feet, and almost submerged it in fuel! The phone takes a beating but when it comes out of that Lifeproof, it’s practically brand new!

You can look through all of Lifeproof’s cases here. We don’t affiliate with Lifeproof, but we like to review the products we use and use daily! Thanks for reading!

Aaron Hilligoss

Aaron has been working in the Marine Industry for over a decade and holds certifications for Yamaha and Mercury Marine. It is not uncommon for him to own and be working on at least three different boats at any given point in time!

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