Top 10 Boat Accessories That Every Sandbar Boat Must Have!

If you want a seamless boating experience, you need to carry the right equipment to enrich your time on the water. There’s no limit to the boat accessories you can buy, but we will discuss our top ten must-have items that can enhance your trip to the lake, beach, or sandbar. Here they are:

  1. Cup Holders
  2. A Solid Ladder
  3. Good Floats
  4. Bean Bags
  5. Shade
  6. Fenders/Bumpers
  7. Audio Boat Accessories
  8. Accessory Charger
  9. A Grill
  10. Foot Cushion

Cup Holders

Most of us plan a boating trip some time or the other. Few things are as therapeutic as these long excursions on the water. Sitting in the sun, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the quiet surroundings – that’s the goal in taking these adventures.

However, there’s no point in spending a day on your boat for extended periods if you aren’t able to have fun and relax with your family or friends during the journey. Your trip should be convenient and hassle-free, which is why having multiple cup holders in your boat, is a must!

Ask any long-time boat owner, and they will tell you how handy cup holders can be. Sure, you can keep your stuff or drinks on a table, put them on a cooler, or hold it in one of your hands, but where is the convenience in that? It only makes things complicated and causes spills letting your stuff fly all over the boat.

Eliminate problems by installing as many cup holders in your boat as you can, especially near the cockpit!

A Solid Ladder

We all love getting out of the boat and getting into the water. It’s that time when we have to get back into the boat that spoils our fun! And if you’ve ever been out on a boat that doesn’t have a decent ladder. Then you know what we are talking about!

Moreover, not everybody can rely on their upper body strength to pull themselves back inside. Therefore it’s better to err on the side of caution and install a stable ladder on your boat.

You don’t want to get out to the sandbar and have people stuck in the boat because they won’t be able to get back in if they get out! Go ahead and make the investment in having a suitable ladder on your boat.

And something else to consider, is the amount of rungs that are on the ladder! We’d say to stay away from the two rung ladders, they require a lot of strength to use. Three rungs are great, but the four rung ladders are amazing!

Having that last run, allows you to stand on the ladder and take fins, masks, weights, or other stuff off. And hand the stuff up to someone in the boat. With out having to keep yourself afloat while doing it.

Good Floaties

Floaties are what can turn a sandbar, into a luxurious relaxing getaway! Having the right floaties allow you to effortlessly float around in the water and even take naps if you would like to!

Great floats are a must have when it comes to boat accessories. They range from inflatables to foam filled pads. And will increase the enjoyment of your trip by 100%!

One thing that you might want to keep in mind though, are the size of the floaties that you buy. Having too many, and not enough spots to store them can crowd the boat pretty quickly.

So we suggest finding the right balance between a large inflatable float that can be shared. And some smaller, personal floats that can be used individually and stored away easily.

Bean Bags

You’d be wise to get a couple of bean bags for your boat as well. Long trips are quite tiring and taxing on the body. Of course, you can sit down on a regular chair; however, bean bags offer an extra level of comfort.

Also, this accessory is better than average sofas and seats that you will find on some boats. Why? Because many high-quality beanbags can withstand various weather conditions without damage and its like putting a movable bed on the boat!

Sitting on uncomfortable chairs while you are on open water takes enjoyment away from boating. Bean bags, on the other hand, offer a fair bit of convenience.

You can move them around with ease and even carry them ashore. Similar to floats, these bags are also available in various sizes and shapes suitable for children and adults.

Since the cushy chair will have to endure countless water splashes during your boating trip, make sure that you choose a water-resistant material to protect it from damage. And ensure the longevity of the bag.


A day on the water, means a day in the sun. Whenever you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. It’s important to cover up as much as possible. Wearing things like protective long sleeve fishing shirts, (And you check out our killer high test Born Again Boating Fishing Shirts Here), large straw hats, and lots of sunscreen.

But you also want to find some good form of a shady rescue like an umbrella! These boat accessories are a must have if you plan on spending time at the beach or at the sandbar.

There are many different types of shade umbrellas. From dodger covers, pop ups, and bimini tops.

The main thing that you want to consider, is the durability and material of the shade. Something that can withstand the sun for a long period of time. Will ensure that your shade lasts for a long time before it wears out and you need to buy another one.

We have gone through countless umbrellas over the years. But have recently found the very best umbrella that we have ever used! This thing will withstand wind up to 60 MPH! Which in our book, makes this our favorite umbrella of all time!

Fenders or Bumpers

Boats can endure a lot of damage when docking, especially when you tie them too close together. (Like rafting up at a sandbar!)

You also risk deteriorating your watercraft’s condition by parking them too close to other boats. Sometimes, the damage is irreversible, which is why it’s important to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Boat fenders and bumpers are valuable accessories to protect your vessel. In case you do not know, fenders contain an airbag with a vinyl shell. These items are available in spherical or cylindrical shapes.

You can inflate your fender with the help of a tire pump. The reason why so many boat owners use the inflatable option is that they can increase and decrease air pressure according to their will.

That said, you can also choose non-inflatable varieties. In most cases, you will find these fenders constructed from molded plastic or closed-cell foam. The non-inflatable variation comes in handy when spherical and cylindrical cushions do not suffice.

Bumpers do the same job for boats; however, their approach is slightly different. Having a good set of fenders on board will come in handy when you are at the sandbar and your friends stop by and you want to raft up together!

Audio Entertainment Boat Accessories

Are you a boating enthusiast who likes to cruise for hours? If so, you are going to want to have the proper audio equipment set up in your boat for some entertainment.

Sure, having some company during your trip is great, but let’s be straight, chatting with your fellow passengers loses its charm after some time ;). So, having some music on board can liven the mood, making the cruise more enjoyable.

You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to audio entertainment for boats. Some people use portable Bluetooth speakers, while others install marine audio equipment, particularly created for various watercraft.

Installing a waterproof device would be a better idea than using a portable speaker as the latter has the average audio quality, and it runs out of battery very quickly. Boat stereos last longer, and their sound quality is excellent!

Plus, they are compatible with most electrical settings, making sure that you do not have any issues when installing them. Connecting an audio system from a reliable brand will ensure that you never experience a dull moment while cruising and relaxing.

Accessory Charger

Laptops, smartphones, and tablets can make long cruises more enjoyable but are also necessary at times. They help us stay connected while we’re on the shore and also assist us when navigating.

You can also utilize these devices to check the weather and set them for anchor alarms. Compared to older devices, current technology has longer battery life. However, you’ll still need to recharge them after a particular period of use.

Keeping batteries inside your devices while you are afloat can be challenging. It may seem straightforward initially, but once your boat gets moving, the complications will become evident. So, is there a solution to recharge your portable devices on your boat?

Absolutely! Some people use car chargers, and although they are an excellent energy source, they take a lot of time. Power banks, particularly designed for your device, on the other hand, are a better alternative.

These devices are compatible with smartphones, laptops, and various other gadgets. Some can even recharge a device multiple times. Consider the length of your trip before choosing a power bank. Ideally, it would be best to opt for a model that offers multiple recharges.

A Grill

Eating grab-and-go items during your cruises is well and good, but wouldn’t you want to eat something fresh? A portable grill is an ideal way to make that happen. Many boating enthusiasts who go away for lengthy escapades like to bring along a barbeque grill on their boat. It provides a lot of convenience for cooking food.

There are a couple of options when it comes to a grill, but we prefer the Magma Grill that fits into a rod holder, and this takes your day at the beach to the next level!

You can even take your boat on the shore for fishing and grill your catch on the spot. However, you should be quite cautious when using this accessory on your boat. Exercise necessary precautionary measures to shield your vessel from catching fire.

You will find charcoal grills, electric grills, and various other types. Choose one according to your convenience and keep it at a safe distance from flammable objects.

Foot Cushion

We all know how tiring long boating journeys can get. They take a toll on our bodies, especially our feet and lower back.

A foot cushion is a great accessory to rest your feet while you drive or kickback. It will take the pressure off your feet, allowing them to heal. Choose a cushion made from water-resistant material to make sure that it does not wear off quickly.

It’s better to buy multiple cushions if you frequently travel with family members or friends. And we prefer the Foot Cush from FootCush! We like these because they are more cushiony than the harder ones that are available.

Yes, they do wear out, but you just can’t match that memory foam cushion feel when taking on waves! It’s the best for your feet when it comes to boat accessories!

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