It can be difficult, expensive, and frustrating to buy a part and not fit your boat or engine.

This is why it’s so important to KNOW exactly how to find the right parts for your stuff!

When it comes to the engine, serial numbers are key. And if you don’t have the serial number, then the model number is going to be the next best thing, as well as the year of the engine.

Then when it comes to finding parts for your boat, we can get into a little bit of a research project with a lot of Googling.

Unlike a dealer, which has multiple suppliers and catalogs that they look through to find the parts. When we are on our own, Googles the next best thing.

Some notable dealership vendors will be Land n Sea, Donovan, Port Supply (West Marine), and FGCI for fiberglass.

Here are a couple of videos that cover:

  • How to find your engine serial number
  • How to find the right parts for your engine
  • How to find the right parts for your boat