Expensive Sunglasses Vs. Cheap Glasses!

Through the glasses

Are Expensive Sunglasses worth buying over the Cheapies?

Expensive Sunglasses Vs. Cheap Glasses. The debate that never renders an answer. Opinion’s vs. fact, does anyone really know?

Piles of GlassesPiles of glasses can be found in homes all across the world. There are really two different users of glasses though. There are those summer dwellers that only use glasses a couple of months out of the year. Then there are the lifers. The one’s that live outside and never go a day without their glasses.

On the surface of it, that seems like an easy break down that says. Well the lifers buy the expensive ones, and the summer dwellers buy the cheapies!

Not So Fast!

We can always break it down to the durability, lifetime warranty, how easily you break or lose them. Even to the scratch resistant, NASA engineered polarized glass boogity woogity, no one cares about features!

I believe plain and simple, the question is, why should I spend $250 on a pair of sunglasses?

You shouldn’t!

If you live somewhere that the sun only shines for 4 weeks out of the year. Or you spend 80 hours a week inside a building! But,

You Should!

If you live in a tropical environment, spend 80 hours a week outside. Or care about YOUR EYES!

There is an amazingly different view when you see the world through a nice pair of sunglasses. The sky, the water, the trees, and the outdoors in general. Becomes much more vibrant through a clean pair of glasses!

We can list all the features and amazing qualities of the expensive glasses over the cheap ones. But in the end of it all, when you put on a pair of really nice glasses, you can actually see the difference. It isn’t really a question of “Does it really make a difference?” It’s more of actually putting them on yourself and seeing the clarity that is given to your retinas! When you can look around and personally, and visibly see the difference. It makes them worth it!

We’ve also found, that you become much more careful with an expensive pair of glasses than you do the cheapies. You actually have the same pair of glasses for years instead of a couple months!

In Conclusion

We find that the expensive pair are a great investment, and all the cheap ones you have laying around are great for guests! We don’t really have a specific brand we support, but we do like Costa’s because they are the best glasses for the price. Find yourself a Sunglass Hut somewhere and look into the difference!








Aaron Hilligoss

Aaron has been working in the Marine Industry for over a decade and holds certifications for Yamaha and Mercury Marine. It is not uncommon for him to own and be working on at least three different boats at any given point in time!

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